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Fostering a community of student musicians in the Andersen Hall residence hall, adjacent to MSM's main building.

MSM believes in cultivating a community of musicians, and living on campus is the first step toward becoming a part of our thriving musical environment. All freshmen, first-year transfer, and sophomore students are required to live on campus in the Andersen Residence Hall, adjacent to the School.

In addition to magnificent views of NYC and the Hudson River, the Hall features:

  • 13 floors with housing for approximately 600 students
  • 79 practice rooms
  • 24-hour security
  • Trained residence life staff
  • Laundry facilities
  • A well-equipped fitness room
  • 5 Student lounges
  • A dining facility is located in the School’s main building adjacent to the residence.

 MSM students utilizing one of Andersen Hall's 79 practice rooms!

We’re here to help you

An integral part of the Department of Student Affairs, the Office of Residence Life is responsible for staffing, programming, building maintenance, housekeeping services, and disciplinary matters for students living in the residence hall — we serve as the primary communications and support center for resident students.

Residence Life Staff 

Professional and student staff are all trained to address resident’s needs and are on-call every night to assist residents and handle emergencies. Our staff includes:

  • Two full-time professional staff
  • A graduate intern studying Higher Education Administration at Teacher’s College
  • 18 resident assistants (R.A.’s)

We strive to maintain a positive community atmosphere and we’re available to help each student with their living and learning experiences at MSM.

There is always something to do in the residence hall!

Residence Life hosts more than 100 programs each year, offering students a break from their rigorous daily routine. Some of these programs are social; others are educational giving students tools to succeed both in and out of the artistic realm.

Examples of Residence Life social and educational events

Your mailing address while at MSM:

136 Claremont Avenue, Room #____ 
New York, NY 10027-4631

Please be sure to include your room number when giving out your address.

SLIDESHOW: Click through to see some of Andersen Hall's facilities

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