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Leadership Opportunities

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Learn about the process of being considered for leadership positions below.

The first thing you should know about this process is that IT IS FUN! The selection process is an opportunity for us to get to know you from a brand new perspective. We want you to highlight the best parts of yourself and really let that be what shines through in the process. The second thing you should know about the process is that you will learn something through being a part of it. You will learn how to interview, you will learn about yourself as a leader, and you will learn about our department. Our goal is to build the strongest team of student leaders possible who represent the MSM community. Please read below to learn more about the positions available.


Student Leadership Information Sessions

For students interested in learning more about the positions and hiring process, please attend one session. These sessions are not mandatory in order to apply.

Date Time Location
Monday, February 8, 2021 11:30 AM Zoom
Tuesday, February 9, 2021 12:30 PM Zoom
Wednesday, February 10, 2021 1 PM Zoom
Thursday, February 11, 2021 12 PM Zoom
Friday, February 12, 2021 2 PM Zoom

Student Leadership Important Dates:

February 28, 2021 Application Due by 11:59:59 PM
March 1, 2021 Deadline to sign-up for individual interview online
March 8-19, 2021 Individual Interview Weeks
March 26, 2021 Offer Letters Emailed
April 19, 2021 Deadline to Accept/Decline
Mid August RAs Move In
Mid August OLs Move In
Mid August RA and OL Training Begins

Orientation Leaders and Resident Assistants, 2019