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Student Organizations

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Join other MSMers who share your interests, concerns, and ideas!

Student Organizations at Manhattan School of Music are designed to give students an opportunity to build leadership and interpersonal skills, while contributing to the Manhattan School of Music community.

Each student organization works with the Student Engagement Office, and is organized by students with common interests. Students are invited to initiate and register their group with the Office at the start of each academic year. Groups are open to full-time Manhattan School of Music students in good standing.

Current Student Organizations at Manhattan School of Music:


Private clubs or organizations of any nature that are not specifically supervised by a member of Manhattan School of Music’s administrative staff are not allowed to actively recruit MSM students.

The School reserves the right to take action against a student group for conduct prohibited by the School’s standards of personal and group conduct. Such acts of misconduct by students engaged in organized activities of registered student organizations, whether committed on or off campus, are subject to disciplinary action. An organized activity is any activity that is conducted under the auspices, sponsorship, or supervision of a registered student organization.