Prescreening & Audition Procedures

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Requirements for Classical Composition

Step 1: Prescreen

  • Upload scores and recordings of 3-5 original, contrasting compositions.
  • Recordings of live performances are preferable, but MIDI renderings are also acceptable.
  • Scores must be uploaded in PDF format, and audio recordings must be uploaded in .mp4 or other video format even if there is no visual component.
  • Prescreen Deadline: December 1.

DMA Applicants should review additional Doctoral Requirements here.

Step 2: Audition

Applicants who pass the prescreen round and are invited to the final audition round will take part in a three-step audition process. Applicants will have the opportunity to update their portfolio materials before the final round of interviews.

Composition Audition Project

  • All applicants will respond to various compositional prompts. The project will be available virtually beginning January 22 and will be due February 1. There is no study guide. 
  • Composition Audition Project Deadline: February 1.


  • All applicants will meet with the composition faculty for an interview either in-person or via Zoom (with the exception of DMA applicants, who must interview in person). During the interview, applicants should be prepared to discuss their portfolios and their responses to the Composition Audition Project. Please be prepared with access to at least one copy of your portfolio materials, in either hard copy or electronic format.

Composition Portfolio

  • The faculty will have access to all materials submitted during the prescreen. After prescreen decisions are released, applicants will have the opportunity to submit additional scores and recordings to their online portfolio.
  • Deadline to Upload All Portfolios: February 1.


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