Contemporary Performance

Prescreening & Audition Procedures

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Information for prospective contemporary performance students applying to Manhattan School of Music.

Contemporary Performance Prescreening Requirements

There are no prescreening requirements for Contemporary Performance.

Contemporary Performance Audition Requirements

Live auditions are highly recommended for this program. In the rare instance that an applicant cannot attend the live audition, a high quality video recording may be substituted. Please consult the Office of Admission for full details.

Repertoire Requirements

  • One work written before 1900 that demonstrates the student’s technical and musical proficiency.
  • One 20th-century work from the standard repertoire, such as Ligeti Etudes or Berio Sequenzas, or one by a composer such as Schoenberg, Varèse, Carter, Boulez, or Stravinsky.
  • One work written since 2000. This work may be written by the performer, by a student colleague, or by an established composer. This work may include electronics and may incorporate improvisation.
  • All auditions will include an oral interview. This interview will occur at the time of the live audition or by telephone for recorded auditions.
  • Applicants must bring two copies of each prepared work.

Special Arrangements for Auditions

  • For those whose audition repertoire requires piano accompaniment, please provide your own pianist for your audition. If this presents serious logistical problems, please consult with the Department Chair Margaret Kampmeier about alternative solutions.
  • If the audition includes works involving electronics, please inform the Office of Admission of setup and sound check requirements.
  • If your repertoire requires the use of extended techniques on the piano, please inform the Office of Admissions in advance of your audition.




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