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Manhattan School of Music provides high-quality musical performances and instruction to over 3,500 New York residents every year.

The CCRCI’s community impact programming connects with thousands of New Yorkers by performing and bringing music to schools (preK – grade 12), senior living resid​ences, hospices, and other community centers throughout New York.


MSM students teach and perform jazz, opera, musical theater, and chamber music in local schools, reaching children in grades pre-K through grade 12.

MSM students present interactive performances in jazz, musical theater, opera, and chamber music.  Recent performances in partner schools included “Introduction to Jazz”, Discover Opera! based on Rapunzel, and an abridged English version of The Magic Flute, an Amato Opera-in-Brief performance (The Sally and Anthony Amato Program).

MSM student teachers also instruct group music lessons at partner schools as part of in-school or afterschool programs. Offerings include classes in strings, winds, brass, percussion, keyboard, and guitar.

MSM voice students perform for an enthusiastic crowd of local schoolchildren at Teachers College.

MSM Summer

MSM Summer is an intensive music experience during the month of July. The program provides instruction and performance experience in instrumental music, composition, and voice for students who have completed grades 3-11 (ages 8-17).  MSM Summer participants develop their musical skills and join a community of young musicians through a wide variety of musical and social activities.

Community Impact Programming

This program provide interactive performances to audiences in hospitals, senior living residences, hospices, and other community centers in New York City, sharing the healing power of music as medicine. Through the program, students are able to expand their performance techniques for diverse audiences in nontraditional concert settings. New initiatives include

  • Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease: MSM student artists visit and perform for adults with varying stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  Student artists are trained through coursework and guest speakers from partner organizations.
  • Homebound seniors: In partnership with Dorot’s “University Without Walls” program, MSM student artists teach weekly telephone classes to homebound seniors in the NYC metropolitan area. The program aims to teach about music and provide homebound seniors with an opportunity to join a vibrant community of lifelong learners.

MSM students spent time at Atria Riverdale seniors' home, singing Broadway classics and interacting with the audience.

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