Named Endowments

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Endowment gifts provide financial support in perpetuity, enabling the continued growth of Manhattan School of Music.

Patrons who fund either existing programs or provide seed money for new initiatives are indispensable to our efforts to strengthen and define areas of concentration and expand our offerings for the 21st century musician.

(Above: MSM’s Percussion Ensemble, posing after their performance on Nov 8, 2017.)

Scholarship Donor Name Departments Instruments
Joseph F. McCrindle Scholarship Fund Estate of Joseph F. McCrindle All All
Homer and Constance Mensch Scholarship Estate of Homer Mensch Classical Strings / Double Bass
Edith Kriss Scholarship Estate of Edith Kriss Classical Piano
Baisley Powell Elebash Scholarship All All
Marga and Arthur King Scholarship Estate of Marga King All All
Eugene Istomin Endowed Capital Campaign Scholarship Donors from the Istomin Benefit in 2001 Classical Piano
Michael W. Greene Scholarship Michael W. Greene Jazz All
Svend Svendsen & Margarethe Svendsen Scholarship Fund Estate of Ellen G. Fezer Classical Piano or Violin
Viola B Marcus Memorial Scholarship Fund for Piano/Graduate Estate of Viola B. Marcus Classical Piano
Viola B Marcus Memorial Scholarship Fund for Piano/Under-Graduate Estate of Viola B. Marcus Classical Piano
Alexandra Hunt Endowed Vocal Scholarship Estate of Rea F. Hooker Classical Voice
Mae Zenke Orvis Opera Scholarship Classical Voice
Birgit Nilsson Scholarship Lars Ericson, Rosalie Weir (and others) Classical Voice
Edgar Foster Daniels Scholarship in Voice Edgar Foster Daniels Classical Voice–Male
Herbert R. and Evelyn Axelrod Scholarship Herbert R. Axelrod Classical Strings–Voice
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship William Randolph Hearst Foundation All All
Ethel Hollander Plancher Scholarship Laurie Sandow All All
Grusin/Rosen Endowed Jazz Scholarship Fund Jazz All
Marquis George MacDonald Scholarship Marquis George MacDonald Foundation All All
Selma W. Berkman Memorial Scholarship David and Susan Rahm, Allen Berkman Classical Strings–Violin
Leon Russianoff Memorial Scholarship Penelope Russianoff Classical Clarinet
The Clement Meadmore Scholarship in Jazz Estate of Clement Meadmore Jazz All
Charles Grossman Memorial Endowment Scholarship Carol B. Grossman Orchestral Performance All
Rahm/Berkman-Scholarship David and Susan Rahm, Allen Berkman Orchestral Performance All
Augustine Guitar Scholarship Rose L. Augustine Classical Guitar
Peter J. Kent Scholarship Fund (requests 2nd year student) All All
Rita Y and Herbert Z Gold Endowed Scholarship Fund Estate of Herbert Gold All All
Helen Fahnestock Hubbard Family Scholarship Estate of Helen Fahnstock Hubbard All All
Samuel and Mitzi Newhouse Scholarship Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation All All
Frances Hall Ballard Scholarship Keith Ballard, Mary Fish, and Frances Ballard Classical Piano
Paul Price Percussion Endowed Scholarship Wayne Brotherton Charitable Foundation Classical Percussion
Scott Edward Oakley Scholarship in Musical Theater Eleanjor J. Schwartz Classical Voice–Musical Theatre
Helen Airoff Dowling Scholarship Classical String–Violin
Lado Scholarship All All
Avedis Zildjian Percussion Scholarship Classical Percussion
Lloyd Gelassen Fellowship Fund Scholarship All All
Emily M. Voorhis Scholarship All All
Vera Blacker Scholarship in Piano Estate of Vera Blacker Classical Piano
Rachmael Weinstock Endowed Scholarship in Violin Classical Strings–Violin
Carmine Caruso Scholarship The Herp Alpert Foundation Brass Brass
Artur Balsam Endowed Scholarship Artur Balsam Foundation for Chamber Classical Piano
Jay Rubinton Scholarship Noel Rubinton Classical Composition or Piano
Joseph M. Smith Scholarship John K. Smith, Joseph Smith Classical Guitar
Rodgers and Hammerstein/Richard Rodgers Scholarship Classical Voice–Musical Theatre
Hans & Klara Bauer Scholarship Hans G. Bauer Classical Strings–Cello
Deolus Husband Scholarship for Composition Maury Newburger Classical Composiiton
Margaret Hoswell van Der Marck Scholarship in Opera Eli Zeira Classical Voice
Scott Shayne Sinclair Scholarship Coral Sinclair Classical Guitar
Elva Van Gelder Memorial Piano Scholarship Rudolph van Gelder Classical Piano

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