April 11, 2022

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Get Involved! A Guide to MSM Student Organizations

MSM is not just a world-class music conservatory, it is also home to a close-knit community of nearly 1,000 students. The vibrant life of our campus community is enhanced by the opportunity to get involved in a number of groups and events that allow students to interact with other MSM’ers who share interests, concerns, and ideas!

From student government, to stand up comedy, ping pong, and Queer People for the Betterment of Society (QueerPBS), there is a group for everyone. Find the complete list of student organizations (and information about starting your own club) on this MSM website page.

Below, we spotlight a few of our student organizations. Be sure to follow the Student Affairs Instagram to keep up to date on exciting things happening on campus!

MSM students with the International Service Learning Organization (ISLO) traveled to Peru in 2019 to help build a local preschool

Student Government

Student Government is an organized group dedicated to enriching and supporting student life at Manhattan School of Music. Student Government serves as an advocate for students and student organizations, and sponsors many diverse and exciting events during the academic year.

See the Student Government Instagram here.

Black Student Union

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to provide a sense of unity, support, and cooperation among the black students at Manhattan School of Music. In addition, this organization will provide educational and social opportunities for the entire Manhattan School of Music community to come together to learn about and celebrate the rich heritage, history, and contributions of persons of African ancestry. Read our MSM Spotlight interview, featuring Black Student Union leaders Chira Bell, Adja Thomas, and Jaydon Beleford.

See the BSU Instagram here.

Queer People for The Betterment of Society

QueerPBS offers a safe space for people of all cultures and identities to freely discuss ideas and work towards making the community at large a better, more compassionate place. The group strives to bridge gaps between queer and non-queer peoples, assess the needs of the community and fulfill those needs, fundraise for charities and organizations that align with the group’s mission, and to HAVE FUN building a community together at MSM.

See the MSM QueerPBS Instagram here.

Fusion: One World at MSM

Student-led organization Fusion: One World at MSM celebrates the diverse cultures and backgrounds of Manhattan School of Music students. Founder and President Lulwa Al Shamlan (BM ’23), a second year classical pianist from Kuwait City, talks about the purpose and goals of the organization in this blog post.

See the Fusion Instagram here.

MSM Womxn

MSM Womxn fosters empowerment in womxn in the arts. This group aims to create a safe space for womxn at MSM to speak of their experience at MSM and as womxn, period. There is a large emphasis on positive community building and advocacy projects within and outside of MSM.

See the MSM Womxn Instagram here.

Face to Face: Board Game Club

Play is an essential aspect of the human psyche. This group gives students the opportunity to relax and enjoy a different form of creativity than music, helping them to be more well-rounded.

Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega is a theatre honor society providing acknowledgement to those demonstrating a high standard of accomplishment in theatre and offering fellowship for those interested in theatre. The group is open to all students regardless of major, not just those in the Musical Theater program. The student leaders of this group produce dance showcases, student-led cabaret performances, and fundraise to ensure the MSM Community is informed of their work.

Check out the Alpha Psi Omega Instagram here.

International Service Learning Organization (ISLO)

International Service Learning Organization (ISLO)

Currently on hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this student organization is for students interested in immersive experiences abroad focused on service. This group has volunteered in Costa Rica twice – doing childcare with children from 3 to 6 years old on their first trip and working on a coffee farm on their second trip. In its third year, ISLO went to Cusco, Peru and worked on a construction project at a preschool. The trip normally takes place annually, during the second week of MSM Spring Recess.

Read about the trip to Peru here.

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