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What you need to know to apply for on-campus housing!

Instructions for Accepted Students:

Click Here for all the information you need!

Step by Step Instructions for Current Students:

Step 1: Submit Your Pre-Payment by April 22nd

To select your room your pre-payment must be submitted by April 22nd. 

Make your $500 pre-payment on the student portal by clicking here!  

The link is located in the Special Links section of the Students tab on your Student Portal.


Step 2: Complete Your Housing Application  (April 1 – April 22)

The Housing Application will be live from April 1 through April 22nd 

In addition to the pre-payment, you must submit your Housing Application by April 22nd to be eligible to select your room on April 26th and 28th. 

 Click Here to Complete Your Housing Application!   

  • Students using eRezLife for the first time will need to activate their account.  
  • The Housing Application can be found right on your home tab, under “Your Housing Applications” 

Please Note: Your housing lottery number does not depend on how quickly you complete the application, so please take your time!   


Step 3: Select Your Room! (April 26 & April 28)

Once you have completed Step 1 and Step 2, you will be assigned a lottery number and a housing selection time slot. You will receive an e-mail with this information on April 25th.  

Each time slot has about 20-30 people in it, so when it is your time, sign on and follow the prompts to select housing.



Scoping Out Available Rooms:

Floor plans will be posted under the “Resources” tab on your eRezLife homepage one week before housing selection.

You can also browse through rooms on eRezLife and see what is available. If you love a room, add it to your favorites so that you can easily find your favorite rooms when you sign in to select your room!

Rising sophomore students will only be able to select from floors 9, 11, 15, & 16 and upperclass and grad students will only be able to select from floors 5, 10, 12, 13, & 14.

Please Note: Floor dimensions are not available for any room.


Roommate Groups:

If you plan on living in a double room, go ahead and make your roommate group!

Roommate Groups allows either roommate, usually the roommate with the earlier time slot, to secure the room for both of you. To create a roommate group click the “Roommate Group” button on the left hand side bar under “Housing.”

If you are hoping for a single, but want a roommate group to fall back on, you should go ahead and choose your roommate group now. You can leave your roommate group and select a single if one is available.(Let your potential roommate(s) know this is your plan in advance so you don’t leave them without a backup plan!)

Roommate groups can be formed and re-grouped throughout housing selection, so if you want to start a roommate group or re-group while you are selecting rooms, you can do that at any time.


Questions?  We’re here for you!   E-mail 

For information regarding this year’s rates and fees Click here. 


Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: If the application is not timed, how is the order determined? 

A: Randomly!  


Q: How can I find a roommate?  

A: There is a roommate finder on eRezLife!  Once you apply for housing you will see a tab called “My Roommate Profile” – click the box to turn on your profile, make your profile, and search for others via “Roommate Search”  (More details will be sent out about this on May 4/5th)  


Q: How can I search for the rooms 

A: Floor plans will be posted on eRezLife on under Resources  


Q: Can I reserve a space if I don’t have a roommate?  

A: Unfortunately not.  You should try to find a roommate via the resources on eRezLife or trust us that we will match you up with someone awesome! 


Q: What if I don’t get a single room? 

A: You can request to be put on the single room waitlist and we will reach out to you if a single room becomes available. 



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